sebastian stephan

Software Engineer ⬩ 50%

Tremor Technologies, Inc.

Building a smart marketplace for risk transfers for the insurance market.

> cat buzzwords.txt
full-stack, devops, terraform, aws, ci/cd, python, django, postgres, javascript, vue.js, julia

Software Engineer ⬩ 100%
3y 10m / N 47.389° E 8.515° AG

Development of the IOT platform that helps monitoring of sensitive goods across the globe. Mainly working on the backend and responsible for software architecture and cloud infrastructure.

Leading the software development team since 2019.

Helped building the software backing one of the most successful ICOs in Switzerland, raising $4.2 million in the first 10 minutes.

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full-stack, devops, golang, javascript, elixir, java, ble, blockchain, hyperledger, ethereum, vue.js, electron, react native, postgres, aws, terraform, cryptography, serverless, lambda, terraform, ci/cd,

Research Assistant ⬩ 40%
2y 11m / N 47.500° E 8.726°


Full-stack development and devops of R&D prototypes for publicly funded projects (CTI, EU AAL). Java EE, Spring, .NET, Angular.js and Linux Server maintenance.

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full-stack, devops, java ee, .net, spring, angular.js, unix server admin

Accountant ⬩ 30%
3y 4m / N 47.356° E 8.514°

Credit Suisse

Part of the intercompany investigations and eliminations team. Adjustment bookings for financial closings involving lots of Excel.

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accounting, VBA, excel

Software Engineer ⬩ 20%
2y 9m / N 47.479° E 8.303°


Lots of VBA to automate generation and tooling and reporting of gas turbine inspection findings. SQL, MS Access and development of tools which should probably not have been done with VBA.

> cat buzzwords.txt
vba, excel, access, sql